15th July 2015

I never travel without a good handful. They are one of the great multipurpose devices of the 20th century and a good handful takes up little space and weight.

In the course of this holiday I’ve used ties to mend a hotel draw handle, fix a light do it didn’t fall over and tie the fasteners together on my luggage. In addition to that they came in handy just now. A harassed chap with 2 small children was trying to repair a zip that had burst. 10 of my ties and many more smiles later he was sorted.

What’s your essential item you carry?

6 thoughts on “Cable Ties”

  1. It’s about 10-12 inches. Enough to hold a trunk lid down, tie 2 cases together, hold a door shut and modified clothes line. 🙂

  2. Great ideas both. I always carry some small carabiners as they are useful for hooking coats and such like to bags and backpacks. The advantage is that stuff doesn’t slip off when you are in a crowd or hurrying.

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