28th April 2015

As I left Heathrow I bought 5 large packets of Drum tobacco. My particular preference. I can still remember my first cigarette. I was 14 and a friend said go on try a fag. At the time Players number 6 were the standard. Available at the shop next to my school for 1 penny each. By the time I was 17 I was rolling my own fags. It seemed kind of cool at the time. In the intervening years I’ve proved Mark Twain’s comment right. ” Giving up is easy….I’ve done it thousands of times…”.

Here at university the Chinese students are utterly fascinated by my fag-rolling habit. So of course I’ve been giving impromptu lessons. Yes I KNOW….. but all the men smoke here.  Tomorrow I run out of tobacco. I can either switch to peculiar tasting Chinese cigarettes, there’s no rolling tobacco here, or er…give up. * Thinks * !!

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