3rd May 2015

One thing I didn’t know when I got here was that Fuzhou was known as one of the * Four Ovens * of China. And I hate hot weather. It’s round about 30 degrees here at the moment, bearable but it’s going to get much hotter ! So, what to do ? I was disappointed that my apartment was so gloomy when I first arrived but now I see why. If I draw the heavy curtains, hey presto, no windows. Then when I turn up the air con it’s a chilly day in Boston. That’s the one in Lincs. thank you Debbie. 

I can also swim in the Min Zhou river which is reasonably clean. Or in the Summer if it’s really unbearable I might try Zhuhai, cooler or even go oop North. I’ll have to discuss that with my first guest, Charlie. There’s a new bullet train that can get you pretty much anywhere. Internal flights are very cheap too.

No teaching today, it’s Sunday but lots of Chinese language homework to do. I think I’ll have to role-play buying a train ticket with my Chinese teacher…. Ni Hao. Ni Hao ma ? ……..that’s the easy bit.