4th February 2016

One of the great things about China is that, mostly, I never get scammed. They do it so much better in Venice. I’ve been treated so kindly here in Fuzhou. Sometimes, even when I’ve got the Chinese wrong, I’m treated with the utmost kindness. But airports can be dodgy, and that’s what I want to tell you about….

I was so tired at Beijing Airport. And I was at the wrong terminal….. I spoke to a nice Chinese guy and he said don’t worry, there’s your bus. It’s free, just sit on it………..and then a friendly Chinese  woman wearing a uniform, the uniform is important, said what time is your flight?  I told her and she said you’re late. “Don’t worry I’ll get you a taxi”.

She then of course hailed a taxi, the last words she said to me were “You do have Chinese money ?” I did indeed. I got in the Taxi and then the guy in the front non driving seat in the taxi waved a piece of cardboard at me. It seemed that the minimum price was 300¥ for about 8 miles. About £30. I then shouted, and yelled, and then screamed. They asked me if I wanted to get out and I said no. They dropped me at the right terminal eventually and the driver said he wouldn’t get my suitcase out until I’d paid him. I yelled at him and threatened to hit him and threw him a 100¥ note and walked away. So ok I RAN away. They’re even kind scams. They lose their nerve. I love you China. 

Addendum : A taxi from Heathrow Airport to Windsor is about £40. And that’s legal.