29th June 2015

20150626_073837_editedI can’t praise my hotel enough it is just perfect. It’s the Hengshegn Business Hotel and it is on Xeufu S Road and less than 10 minutes walk from the University Campus. It’s well-appointed; the en-suite is a wet room. I have however discovered one disadvantage of a wet room. Yesterday when showering I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet! (more…)

28th June 2015

After a generous amount of Lemmy’s Bushmill’s whiskey,  – is that the right spelling ? – , and a couple of beers I sucked the meat off a chicken’s foot. I must say not bad but er not good either. 

After depositing my belongings in the hotel we make the few minutes walk down to Student Street. This is what they call the section of Xeufu S Road that runs between the 2 entrances of Fuzhou Technical University, Western Campus. (more…)

26th June 2015

Where do I start? The experience was different from anything else I’ve done before. It’s a challenge to put it into words. Most of all I am anxious that you understand that when I talk about things I find bizarre, incredible shocking etc. I’m commenting on my own naivety, I’m not trying to pass judgement. (more…)

24th June 2015

So here I am in Fuzhou. Imagine my surprise to find that on the flight to Beijing I wasn’t quite so different after all. Would you believe there was someone else wearing red braces! (more…)

23rd June 2015

This is all so new to me, I’m fascinated that here in the departure lounge I’m the only one wearing red braces! (more…)

23rd June 2015

Phew thought I might get a cool welcome from Mark. Should be ok now 🙂 (more…)

23rd June 2015

I was sitting, reading, waiting for my gate to be announced when my attention was drawn by a commotion. A young Ethiopian woman was struggling with luggage two children I guess around 2 an 3. (more…)

23rd June 2015

Well I’m here waiting for my wings. The journey up was uneventful no traffic hold ups to speak of. Electronic check-in was flawless and the luggage was half a kilo underweight! (more…)

23rd June 2015

Imagine my surprise just now when I noticed how worn the pocket was. OH NO I thought (more…)