23rd June 2015

I was sitting, reading, waiting for my gate to be announced when my attention was drawn by a commotion. A young Ethiopian woman was struggling with luggage two children I guess around 2 an 3.
The youngest was totally distraught. I’ve no idea why, but she resisted all attempts by her mum to placate her. The mum, clearly a practical woman, opened the luggage and withdrew a large scarf. She then proceeded to bind it around her with the child on her back in the form of a sling. The child was still sobbing but undeterred the mum got out her phone. However it was clear she didn’t have any credit. She noticed me watching and without hesitation asked if I would call her friend and ask her to call her back. This accomplished her friend arrived within 2 minutes, the child had settled down against her mother’s back and off they all went sorted,  wishing me a good flight. Don’t you just love practical people?