Yesterday I turned up at Fuzhou railway station for a trip to Chongquing and realised that I’d left my passport at home. Oh how stupid of me. For those of you not familiar with Chinese Law this was an utter disaster. As a foreigner you should keep your passport with you at all times and particularly when travelling. My travelling companions were Lemmie, who you will know as he is of this Parish, and Vanessa who will be blogging shortly. 

What to do ? Well my first reaction was to go home but Vanessa, through the sheer force of her personality got me a train ticket. I had a copy of my passport picture on my IPAD and the ticket assistant let me through after Vanessa had finished shouting at her and beguiling her in equal measures. So we got on the train to Chongqing. A great journey, lovely views and so on. The accommodation was nice in Chongqing, apart from the fire, but you can’t have everything, but still the fact that I had no passport worried me. The next day we went to The Chongqing  Museum of the Three Gorges. Fab but I knew I couldn’t go on to Xian. But how to tell the others ?

Tricky. I tried to tell Charlie, and Vanessa but I think that largely they thought I was mad. A couple of photocopies, get the passport couriered up. No problem !!  But then I heard that Chris, Vanessa’s friend had spoken up for me.  She said that if she was me she’d do the same thing. This got me thinking. I’ve read an awful lot of psychology, Behaviourism, Freudianism, Human-centred (how could it be anything else ? ) and so on. And A and B personalities. 

So I propose 2 new personality types. Let’s call the first one Charlie/Vanessa. These people don’t worry too much about anything. If it’s called a problem they see it as a challenge and they just know that everything will turn out fine in the end. Then there’s Chris/Mark. These people are well aware of Sod’s Law, that if anything can go wrong it will do !! And they are expecting the law to come into force at any moment. The CVs think the MCs are neurotic pessimists and the Mcs think the CVs are er… ridiculously optimistic. So I was determined to get back to FJUT to return to my passport. No trains available but there was a bus. 22 hours but that’s fine isn’t it ………. 

2 thoughts on “A mistake and a bus journey home.”

  1. If you really need your passport, what about going to get it and fly to Xian to rendezvous with V and C?

    1. It was too late. I wouldn’t have been able to get there in time. Some Alaskan cold would be nice here now

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