14th April 2015

OK so the Dr advised making an appointment with the travel nurse, my first thought was I hadn’t intended to take a nurse with me, Night Nurse perhaps (I’m afraid the jokes won’t get any better); I’ve made an appointment in May so that’s sorted. Now I’m looking at Visas (see here); it seems I have to book an airline ticket in advance of getting a Visa so what if they don’t let me in? Is that money down the drain? Also I shall need a letter of invitation from Mark. I can see this is not going to be like hopping on a plane to Paris!! I am exploring the cost of a ticket. There seems to be a big difference between the Co-Operative Travel quotation (£807.35) and Skyscanner which returns a 16 hour outbound and return flight for £638.00. My next task, to add to this quickly increasing list of things to do, is insurance; it might be cheaper to buy a new car instead ;>}