Well it was looking like a disaster. Somewhere between the back door and the living room I put my last glass of wine down. After 30 minutes of increasingly frantic walking back and forth glancing (almost) everywhere I was coming to the opinion that it would have to stay wherever it was until I got back from China. AND then Front of Ascent of Rum Doodle*wonder of wonders* there it was stood next to the pram, I could have sworn I checked that spot at least 40 times. OK this is pretty typical for me but tonight it was tinged with a greater level of desperation than usual. The reason of course is the repeated packing and unpacking for the off to China tomorrow. Despite the fact that I smugly told myself that I was being particularly organised this time, in starting a list 5 weeks ago, today the packing descended in to frantic rummaging, weighing  repacking and so on. The day has brought to mind a book I read years ago “The Ascent of Rum Doodle“. It does feel as though I need a number of porters to help me on my way, not to mention the porters for the porters. I console myself that China is a long way, it is a very different place to the other countries I have visited (and very different from Yogistan) and I tell myself that never having flown long haul before I need to pack carefully. However if the truth be known it is just nerves.

I intend to try and keep these blogs up to try and catalogue my impressions of China. So if you are interested watch this space.