6th June 2015

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8f/Duerer-Prayer.jpg Well the good news is that my Visa has been granted and my passport has been returned, Ilana at CTMS Travel has done the job in an exemplary way. Now I have a lovely label attached to page 18 of my passport. Why page 18 I wonder especially as all the other pages are blank. Is there any logic that argues against using the first blank page I wonder? Is it perhaps a subtle way of saying to us lowly visaees that visaors are so busy and important they don’t have time to flick through and find the next empty page? I’m sure not!!

Of course I had to arrange insurance cover. A process guaranteed to remind me that I not getting any younger and one that has a wonderful way of taking the aches and pains of old age and translated them into £££££s, ones I pay out unfortunately. In the end I used Insured To Travel, they provided identical cover to the Co-op  and the process was more straightforward. Anyway I’m set to go now; all I have to do is my packing. How long can that take!