21st April 2015

Ambulkance Services!!So here starts the search for insurance to cover me while I’m away. After all, If I need an ambulance to bring me home from China I’m going to have to have big bucks. My current travel insurance is with the Post Office and covers me for Europe. I ring them and find I have to take out a new policy as the current one can’t be extended. OK no problem then the next challenge: “Have you been prescribed any prescription medicines over the last 2 years sir”. OMG am I alone in the world as having no idea if that last course of antibiotics for a throat infection was within last 2 years? “Well I’m not sure I reply” only to be faced with a standard disclaimer that if I give incorrect information then any insurance claim I might make not be met if I fail to declare all information regarding my health. So next task is to check with my doctor.

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