10th July 2015

And we thought we were leaving trouble behind! My next post was due to be about the train journey and earlier I started work on it. However events have overtaken us. About an hour ago there was a great commotion in the corridor and we realised that there was a fire!


The reason why there were no fire alarms was that the fire was on the roof of the building attached to us. Perilously close but fortunately not a direct threat to us. The fire service were here within minutes and calamity was averted. Fire, wind, floods: now I’m looking forward to the locusts I’ve never seen one!

2 thoughts on “Out Of The Frying Pan”

  1. Holy cow you two! First you outrun a super typhoon (cause a regular typhoon is too boring?) on a bullet train, and now avert death in a fire?

    I suspect Vanessa is with you because she needs material for a novel…just sayin’.

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