27th January 2016

China has about 1.3 billion people and the biggest holiday of the year is just starting. Between now and 7th February about 750 million people will be going home. It’s chaos. Bus and railway stations are jammed and many roads are choc a bloc. And to make it even MORE difficult this year there has been snow in Southern China. Southern China doesn’t DO snow. These people are going to their *home towns*, sometimes villages in poor areas to see Mum and Dad, Grandparents, and sometimes their children. Many are what are called migrant workers who work  in the big cities but can’t get permanent residency there. I see some of them on roads outside the main drag of  Fuzhou on the bypasses. Imagine a young man or woman, sometimes not so young on an underpowered moped with luggage the size of a wheelie bin on the back. They might be going 2000 kilometres………. “God bless them, every one”.So where is the Chinese Dickens to write an Epic Novel about this ? To be fair, he’s probably already written it but I can’t read Chinese script. 

When they get home they will have great food; families save up, and youngsters will get *Red Envelopes* with *Lucky money* in them.

 I know some Chinese people read this blog. Happy Spring Festival. I’m staying here but will go to Wuhan on the 8th February. I’m booking my ticket….and I hope I’ll get it. 😧

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