23rd June 2015

This is all so new to me, I’m fascinated that here in the departure lounge I’m the only one wearing red braces! (more…)

24th June 2015

So here I am in Fuzhou. Imagine my surprise to find that on the flight to Beijing I wasn’t quite so different after all. Would you believe there was someone else wearing red braces! (more…)

26th June 2015

Where do I start? The experience was different from anything else I’ve done before. It’s a challenge to put it into words. Most of all I am anxious that you understand that when I talk about things I find bizarre, incredible shocking etc. I’m commenting on my own naivety, I’m not trying to pass judgement. (more…)

After depositing my belongings in the hotel we make the few minutes walk down to Student Street. This is what they call the section of Xeufu S Road that runs between the 2 entrances of Fuzhou Technical University, Western Campus. (more…)

29th June 2015

20150626_073837_editedI can’t praise my hotel enough it is just perfect. It’s the Hengshegn Business Hotel and it is on Xeufu S Road and less than 10 minutes walk from the University Campus. It’s well-appointed; the en-suite is a wet room. I have however discovered one disadvantage of a wet room. Yesterday when showering I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet! (more…)

3rd July 2015

I’m not sure I understand the reason for the rift between the Chinese state and the government. And I have no interest or intention of examining this now. However I really wonder if the hundreds of thousand of developers outside China really know that unwittingly they are joining in with Google and short-changing the Chinese people. (more…)

20150702_230317Yesterday was another day of firsts. It was my first experience of Fuzhou rain, thunder and lightning. I was assured that all 3 were fairly modest affairs for the area but they quite amazed me. I also made the acquaintance of Báijiǔ. Another first was me playing Yanghong’s guitar and performing John Barleycorn (do you reckon I’m safe laying claim to it being the first ever performance of the song in Fujian?). And then marvel upon marvel I realised a boyhood dream! (more…)

  • At 1.87 metres 108 kg (well before I left, let’s hope all this delicious Chinese food hasn’t added to my paunch!) I stand out in China. So suddenly I find myself a minor celebrity,


6th July 2015

I can’t resist people watching. Wherever I am I have to work hard not to stare at people. It’s all that wondering what they are doing, where they are going, what, why, when etc. Before I left I wondered what my first impressions would be, finding myself in the middle of such a far away country, a country of peoples of many ethnic origins but none from the ethnic groups I live in. Would l at first, for example, think everyone looked alike?

7th July 2015

20150706_141928My family, if any are reading my blogs! Know that I’m one for stretching my boundaries. So today I’m setting off on the 123 into Fuzhou city on my own.